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Welcome to SLMaps. At some point I will make a better front page, but this will for now, and is easy enough to update.

I have a compilation of older Linden Lab maps of the grid, resources for interpreting the Magellan Linden "Dingbat" maps, the ability to see a map of the grid for a certain date, flash maps of grid expansion, and links to similar fansites.

Old Maps

Older maps of the grid, as images, drawn up by Linden Labs. Compiled from my own research as well as other citizen's texture inventories.

Dingbat Maps

A compilation of images and maps for interpreting Magellan Linden's findings from Spring 2004 and predicting future landmasses.

Timeline Maps

Enter a date in YYYY-MM-DD format, and get a PNG image of the map of the grid on that date. Please include dashes.

Main Grid:

Flash Maps

Flash animations of the grid expansion, prepared for the 2005 SL Anniversary. Up to date as of that time.
Month-by-Month (quick loading)
Month-by-Month with Current Grid Halo (long loading, memory hog :-D)


You can reach me in-world by instant messaging Bino Arbuckle. Or you can email at info at


Other sites related to SL cartography (updated 2008-01-20):

Second Life Wikia (formerly SL History Wiki)
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